Monday, May 9, 2011

Palermo - AC Milan (Coppa D'Italia)

I've got 2 bets running on this match played Tuesday.

First bet: €10,60 on more than 2,5 goals which means:
3 goals have to be made in the match in order for me to win this bet.
And the second bet is €16 on AC Milan to win.

Possible amount to get out of these bets is €51,26 (incl. my stakes).

There is one more nice match on Tuesday, yet I'm unsure what to bet yet.
It's a match between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspurs.

Anyway, will keep you guys updated!


  1. Well, I wish you best of luck! Hope you won't find yourself in the red!

  2. hard to beleive this is the only type of gambling that isnt rigged, i really hope win off your bets, might inspire me to do the same

  3. Yeah this could be over fast if it goes bad

  4. City all the way. Good luck though!

  5. Good luck man, lets see some money in your pocket!

  6. good luck again! hit the jackpot bro

  7. I wish you luck! Hopefully you can make a few bucks this time instead of sliding backward a bit