About me!

Since December 2010 I started with betting on soccer matches.
It started out more for fun, with friends.
After a short while I realised I wasn't doing so bad afterall, and my bets were going from 1-5 euro each to 20-25 euro each.

After 3/4 months I wanted a new challenge.
So I decided to make my own blog and share my bets.
This to inspire fellow betters what to bet on, or perhaps inspire people to start betting.
Because I think it's fun, and you can earn some nice cash if you do it well.

Nowadays my friends come to me, and ask me, what bets should I make for this week.
Well, I never wanted to aid them, because I when I lose a bet, which also happens, I would feel bad.
Now everyone can decide themselves if they want to use my advice.

Anyway, wish me luck to the 100k!